JMP® for MBA Programs

Harnessing analytics that give the competitive edge to future business leaders

Fact based decision-making and analytical problem-solving top the list of skills taught in the finest MBA programs worldwide. For more than 20 years, business schools have used JMP to teach basic statistics and advanced analytics. No tool is better for letting potential business leaders see and engage in the challenges found in today’s global business environment.

Data Visualization Fuels Informed Decisions

Backed by the SAS reputation for solid statistics, JMP software lets you see and understand your data quickly, for even the largest data sets. Students use interactive graphics to visualize data, examine it from all angles, mine it, subset it and go down paths that lead to surprising fact-based discoveries. JMP features visualization capabilities for up to seven variables at once.

A Problem-Centered Interface

With most statistical or spreadsheet software, students translate a problem into an appropriate statistical method and then locate that method within the software program. This requires teaching students how to locate methods within the software tool. With JMP, menu navigation is driven by data modeling type and problem objective. JMP provides essential graphics and statistics immediately and accurately.

More than a Spreadsheet, Yet Spreadsheet-Compatible

Today’s business leaders deploy a variety of software for organizing and storing data, including simple spreadsheets and reporting tools like Microsoft Excel – software tools that don’t provide the analysis power or interactivity of JMP. Students can upload Excel files and data from other programs into JMP, and then tap the predictive modeling and decision support features of JMP to explore and expose hidden patterns and relationships in their data.

Seamless Integration with Other SAS® Software

Business leaders in more than 100 countries and at 92 of the top 100 companies on the 2009 FORTUNE Global 500® list use SAS. As a powerful visual analytic tool, JMP is a key component of many SAS solutions, including SAS Visual BI and SAS Visual Data Discovery. JMP works with SAS through a toolbar that provides convenient access to SAS features. Users can see and import data from their local SAS server connection, submit SAS code directly from JMP and see SAS results in HTML, PDF, RTF or JMP format.

JMP offers a variety of resources for MBA programs.

  • Free monthly live public Webinars on how to use JMP for advanced visualization and analysis.
  • Recorded demos to get students started using JMP.
  • Interactive concept discovery modules that help teach statistics.
  • On-site workshops demonstrating JMP analytics to faculty groups of 20 or more. Live webinars are also available to individual faculty and classes.

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