JMP® for Statistical Quality Control

Companies across the globe rely on JMP for modern approaches to variability reduction in manufacturing and service industries. The software’s interactive visual interface leads engineers to find sources of variation quickly and make swift process improvements. JMP is also an effective tool for teaching statistical quality control (SQC) methods and concepts.

Key features include:

  • Tools for process analysis including problem investigation, out-of-specification identification and stability monitoring.
  • Readymade applications for process improvement and stabilization.
  • SQC charts to track a process over time or batch.

Qualified instructors from the US, Canada and Europe can now request a free copy of Introduction to Statistical Quality Control: A JMP Companion by Brenda and José Ramírez. Designed as a supplement to Doug Montgomery’s best-selling textbook of the same name, the authors provide step-by-step guidance on how to use JMP to solve each of Montgomery’s examples.

Request a free copy of Introduction to Statistical Quality Control

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JMP is a preferred tool in industry for SQC. Check out how companies and universities are using JMP for quality control and monitoring:

California Polytechnic State University
Saint Gobain NorPro
Polar Semiconductor
Johnson Matthey
Pierre Fabre


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