New in JMP 17 and JMP Pro 17 – Some Highlights

Application Area:
Data Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis

JMP 17 and JMP Pro 17 include more new platforms and enhancements than any previous version. See a highlight of just some of the new statistical and analytic capabilities that help you visualize, examine, interpret and model data about your products, processes and customers. Data analysis gets easier and more powerful with enhanced data cleanup tools, additions to the modeling toolkit and more. See some of the highlights that will be available to you when you upgrade to this version, including:

  • Common Ordering Customization
  • Design Explorer
  • Design Space Profiler
  • Easy DOE
  • Feature Versions
  • Generalized Linear Mixed Models (JMP Pro)
  • Interactive JMP Help Search
  • Multiple Responses in Graph Builder
  • Saving Preferences from Platforms
  • Spectral Analysis (JMP Pro)
  • Tables Menu Operation Preview
  • MSA Enhancements
  • Workflow Builder
  • Model Screening (JMP Pro)
  • Process Screening Enhancements