Analytically Speaking

Prolific Author on Split-Plot and Optimal DOE Shares Insights

With Peter Goos

Peter Goos is one of the top contributors to the research on the statistical design and analysis of experiments. He is the recipient of numerous awards for this work: the Shewell Award and the Lloyd S. Nelson Award from the American Society for Quality, the Ziegel Award and the Statistics in Chemistry Award from the American Statistical Association, and the Young Statistician Award of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics. He shares insights from his research, as well as his motivation for writing many books and influential journal articles.

In this video:
  • The importance of split-plot designs.
  • Why practitioners need real-life design of experiments examples.
  • The power of various statistical tests.
  • Testing the best ways to teach introductory statistics concepts.
  • Rewarding collaborations with scientists and engineers in industry.

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