Quality Tools for Process Improvement Methodologies
Beyond spreadsheets is back. Bigger and better than ever!

This multi-part, on-demand webinar series is designed to move your analytics processes out of the average spreadsheet and into the quick, dynamic analysis and visualization tools in JMP!

These bite-sized webinars are designed to accelerate your data journey to better business decisions and results.

Session 1: Data Visualization

During this session, we will show you how to produce specialized graphs and plots with supporting statistics using a drag-and-drop interface which is intuitive, interactive, and most importantly leads to quick results. Using a case study, we will uncover relationships in our data and identify areas for further analysis. We will also demonstrate the power of JMP’s Prediction Profiler, which is the perfect tool to visually and dynamically interact with statistical models, to generate predictions from your model as you change the settings of your process inputs, and to quickly find optimal settings for your outputs.

Session 2: Basic Analysis and Modeling

Like your toolbox at home for those DIY tasks, your analytic toolbox for working with real-world data needs to be similarly broad AND deep.  Tools for different questions. Tools for managing the scope of those questions. Tools to assist with the next question because data jobs are never one-and-done.

Enter JMP, specifically designed to offer the breadth and depth needed for your analytic challenges.

Session 3: Sharing Results

Find out how the story ends... and see how JMP can enhance your own data analysis story. You don’t want to keep all the good stuff to yourself, right?

You have spent time exploring and visualizing your data.  You have used your expertise to create analytics reports.  Now you need to maximize impact by sharing these results with others!

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