Using JMP and JMP Pro With Python and R

JMP Synergies With Open Source

By Ruth Hummel, JMP

JMP is a standalone, full-featured data visualization and statistical analysis software from SAS for the Windows and Mac desktop. JMP has the interactivity and dynamic linkage that makes data exploration exciting, insightful and contains many advanced analytical options, fully satisfying the needs of data explorers and analysts. Still, there may be occasions where you’ll want (or need) to use JMP in conjunction with open source tools, like Python or R.

In addition to providing you with the basics, this paper introduces the Python scoring-code generation, the Python in JMP scripting and the R in JMP scripting. You'll also discover sample code and advanced examples that will make using the connections and add-ins provided in JMP easy.

Whatever your motivation for connecting open source (or other) tools with JMP software's GUI, this guide will help you to get started using the Python and R connections in JMP. 

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