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JMP® Academic Licensing

Academic site licenses are ideal for teaching and educational use. Individual licenses are designed for academic researchers and other individual users. For Windows or Mac.


JMP Academic Suite: Basic & Advanced

An annual fee site license that supports an unlimited number of academic users (including students) across a campus or within one specific department/laboratory for research or teaching purposes. 

Includes JMP and JMP Pro, installation on personal computers (Windows / Mac) or server environment (physical / virtual) , award-winning SAS 24/7 technical support, free updates to the latest version, and unlimited access to available JMP e-learning courses.

  • £2,800 - Basic (1 lab/Dept.)
  • £4,000 - Advanced (all Depts.)

JMP® Genomics or JMP® Clinical site license

Two annual fee license options that support an unlimited number of academic users (including students) across a campus or within a department/laboratory for research or teaching purposes. Can be installed on personal computers (Windows) and server environment (physical / virtual).

JMP Genomics and JMP Clinical site licenses can be added to an existing JMP Academic Suite site license at discounted price.

  • £2,800 - Stand-alone Basic (1 lab/dept.)
  • £4,000 - Stand-alone Advanced (all depts.)
  • £2,800 - Add-on to an existing Basic or Advanced Academic Suite license

Single-user JMP® license for academic use

Qualified researchers and instructors at academic institutions can purchase the standard version of JMP at a one-time cost for a 32-bits perpetual license that never expires. Includes full technical support for one year and maintenance updates. For Mac and WIndows.

Note: see system requirements for Windows OS.

  • ‎£640 per named user

Single-user JMP® six- or 12-month student license

The standard version of JMP for academic course use, available through Designed only for students who need their own copy for a course or for a short period.

JMP® Student Edition

An easy-to-use streamlined version of JMP software for both Windows and Mac that provides all the statistical analysis and graphical tools covered in secondary schools and introductory statistics courses.

JMP Student Edition is available via download with select textbooks from major publishers, and is also available as a low-cost multiyear schoolwide license for use in the classroom or other school-owned computers. Visit the JMP Student Edition page for details, or see a listing of textbooks with JMP Student Edition.

JMP for Administrative Use

An annual license of JMP for institutional research, strategic planning, university business, enrollment management, and institutional advancement. Multi-user discounts are available.  See JMP for Academic Administrative Use for more details.



Departmentwide and campuswide Academic Suite annual site licenses are ideal for classrooms, labs, distance learning and other educational settings.

If a site license is not available, a single-user license of JMP or JMP Pro can be used to demonstrate statistical concepts in the classroom.


Hundreds of universities license JMP. Check with your software license administrator on campus to see if an annual site license of JMP is available.

The single-user six- or 12-month license is ideal for students who need their own copy for a course or for a short period. 


With JMP Pro for Academic Research, you get a three- or five-year single-user license of JMP Pro that includes sophisticated analytic and modelling techniques at a fraction of the corporate rate. 

Researchers at academic institutions can also purchase the standard version of JMP at a one-time cost for a perpetual license that never expires.

Institutional Researchers and Analysts

Individual and multi-user licenses of JMP are available for business and institutional use at academic institutions.

Learn more about JMP for Academic Administrative Use.


The JMP® family of products, designed to meet diverse academic needs:

  • JMP

    JMP is ideal for coursework in a broad range of subjects, including introductory statistics, regression, linear models, design of experiments, quality control, reliability, multivariate analysis, predictive modelling and applied forecasting.

  • JMP Pro

    JMP Pro includes all of the features of JMP, plus exact tests, bootstrapping, and advanced modelling techniques used in research methods, data mining, and predictive modelling courses.

  • JMP Student Edition

    JMP Student Edition is a streamlined version of JMP designed to meet the needs of high schools and introductory statistics courses.

  • JMP Genomics

    JMP Genomics combines interactive JMP graphics and SAS analytics, allowing researchers to efficiently visualise, explore and analyse genomic data.

  • JMP Clinical

    JMP Clinical is a combination of JMP and SAS that simplifies and facilitates data discovery, analysis and reporting in clinical trials.

US Prices.  Equivalent pricing available outside the US.

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