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Unilever Webinars on JMP®
12 May 2015

Join your colleagues for a live, one-hour webinar about JMP software, produced just for Unilever. This new webinar focuses on What’s New in JMP 12 and JMP Pro 12.

The JMP team will conduct a live session showing how the latest version of JMP and JMP Pro minimise data drudgery and expedite data discovery.

The webinar will be offered twice, at 10:00 and 15:00 BST. Please choose the time (at right) that is more convenient for you. The session will be conducted via WebEx.

You will learn about the following topics:

Data Import

  • Query Builder: Automate data access without writing JSL or code.

Data Visualisation and Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Images in Data Tables: Drag and drop images.
  • New Expression Column Variable Type: What it is and what are its potential uses.
  • Graph Builder: Improvements to the interface and new capabilities.
  • Selection Filter: Select rows in one platform to filter the view in another platform.
  • PowerPoint Export: Create PowerPoint presentations from JMP with just one click.

Statistics, Predictive Modelling and Data Mining

  • Interactive Model Editing: Examine variable importance across multiple responses.

Design of Experiments

  • Space-Filling Designs: Include categorical factors, augmentation and new optimisations.
  • Split Plot Designs: Add covariate factors.
  • Definitive Screening Designs: Include blocking factors.
  • Disallowed Combinations Filter: Specify sections of design space to exclude when creating the design.

Consumer and Customer Research

  • Multiple Correspondence Analysis: Visualise and uncover hidden structures on tables that have more than two categorical columns or where one question has multiple responses.

JMP® Pro

  • Generalized Regression in Fit Model : Use graphical model selection and informative diagnostics.
  • Mixed Model in Fit Model: Model large problems using an optimiser that is orders of magnitude faster.
  • Covering Arrays: Use new DOE tool to determine minimum configurations to test software applications where factor interactions may lead to failures.
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