Analytically Speaking

Mission-Oriented Analytics: New Methods for the Intelligence Community

With Alyson Wilson

It is Alyson Wilson’s job to build partnerships among government, academia and industry to solve big problems facing the intelligence community. As Principal Investigator of the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences at North Carolina State University, Wilson leads a mission-oriented initiative to develop new analytic technologies that will enhance critical aspects of intelligence analysis used to support foreign policy and national security. She stands behind the power of immersive, multidisciplinary collaboration; rapid innovation and prototyping; and Bayesian approaches.

In this video:
  • Creative problem solving in data science.
  • Assessing the reliability of the US nuclear weapons stockpile.
  • Understanding your question, and the uncertainties surrounding it.
  • The advantages, limitations and applications of Bayesian methods.
  • Defining the differences between data science and applied statistics, and between artificial intelligence and machine learning.