Analytically Speaking

Statistical Engineering: A Holistic Problem-Solving Approach

With Roger Hoerl

Think about the leadership roles you traditionally find at organizations. Is there a head of improvement in the C-suite? Roger Hoerl makes the case that there should be. He calls problem solving a strategic imperative and describes the value of statistical engineering, a holistic approach that is especially useful when your problem is too large, complex or unstructured to find a textbook solution. Hoerl is currently conducting research on how statistical engineering can provide effective strategies for attacking big data problems and teaching his students to focus on the problem, rather than the data.

In this video:
  • Using statistical engineering to integrate multiple statistical tools and disciplines.
  • The critical importance of domain knowledge.
  • Why the term data science causes confusion.
  • The meaning of holistic improvement.
  • Why most organizations are mediocre when it comes to improvement.