JMP 14

Now Presenting...JMP 14

We listen. We create. We fix.

This was the main takeaway from the keynote address delivered at Discovery Summit Europe by John Sall, JMP Chief Architect and Co-Founder of SAS.

Sall says, "Our users make us aware of the difficulties encountered in real work; then we work on them so that next time they won’t be so painful.” Equipped with details about challenges and opportunities, the JMP development team created the new and improved functionality in JMP 14 featured in this presentation.

Watch Sall's webinar to see highlights of some of these features, including demonstrations of new capabilities to help you:

  • Open and work with large numbers of files simultaneously.
  • Virtually join multiple tables.
  • Enrich the results of the virtual join with additional data.
  • Clean and shape results.
  • Create the best graph to communicate the results of your exploration.
  • Utilize new enhancements that ease your analytics workflow.