JMP Live enables enterprise analytics at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Diana Nadler, PhD, Manager, Continuous Improvement Statistics
(Originally presented live at 2022 JMP Discovery Summit Americas, Plenary Session)

In this presentation, Diana Nadler, Manager of Continuous Improvement Statistics at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, discusses her the company’s enterprise analytics culture and how she came to see JMP Live as a vehicle for "changing the culture, taking the scientists and engineers back on the floor, letting them do their jobs and automating updates for them so that they can spend time consuming the analytics instead of publishing them."

JMP Live is collaborative analytics software for secure, enterprise-wide knowledge sharing, all from the convenience of a web browser.

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About the Presenter

Diana Nadler has worked in the health and pharmaceutical industries for 16 years and is currently Manager of the Continuous Improvement Statistics team at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Regeneron, she worked at a local health insurance company where she directed the strategic development and delivery of pharmacy analytics in partnership with senior-level executives and clinical pharmacists to address analytic barriers and identify actionable cost savings. She also worked for the New York State Department of Health Medicaid program performing health outcomes research and developed a payment model for Medicaid Long Term Care reimbursement. 

Nadler first began using JMP when she joined Regeneron and recently deployed JMP Live to create a shared workspace to facilitate collaboration and efficiencies across the globe. Her team utilizes JMP in the company’s statistical training program and provides feedback on JMP product development to identify new software features that support Regeneron’s growth. She uses her expertise with advanced statistics, business analytics and data visualization to deliver critical results for data-driven business decision making. Nadler partners with scientists, engineers, IT and administrative functions across the company to implement and deliver data analytics and statistics to the business. She received her PhD in Biostatistics from the University at Albany School of Public Health.