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You’ve been collecting text data – now put it to good use. Don't limit yourself to structured data analysis when you can start analyzing the unstructured text your organization already collects.

Scientists, engineers and other data explorers accumulate plenty of unstructured text.  But there isn’t time to read thousands of pages and perform tedious manual analyses. JMP helps you quickly explore and uncover hidden meanings in your text data – survey responses, compliance reports, laboratory experiment notes, or engineering maintenance and change logs.

With Text Explorer in JMP:

  • Analyze structured and unstructured data together.
  • Clean and filter text by correcting misspellings, finding synonyms, creating stop word lists and identifying phrases of interest.
  • Collect and organize text data to reveal patterns and trends.
  • Easily see terms and phrases in context.
  • Communicate your findings using the graphical capabilities in JMP.

Create a SAS profile to embark on your own journey of dynamic statistical discovery.

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Use JMP text analysis capabilities to filter text and identify words or phrases of interest.