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At a university outside the U.S.? Expand your SAS options to include statistical discovery. It’s easy. Add JMP® to your SAS® Educational Analytical Suite.

Visual. Interactive. Dynamic.

That’s JMP® statistical discovery software from SAS. JMP is fun to use, an easy way to introduce students to statistics and an economical way to leverage a university’s investment in SAS. JMP installs on Windows and Macintosh computers in a few minutes. It runs in local memory and is perfect for introductory and on-the-go students working in class, libraries or at home. JMP also can connect to SAS.

Point. Click. Learn.

JMP’s easy-to-master point and click interface lets students hit the ground running. Minutes after installing JMP, students can run analyses and then see results as graphs accompanied by supporting statistics. JMP offers extensive built-in resources, including hover help, which gives context-sensitive assistance for interpreting statistical results. The JMP website provides recorded demos, interactive discovery modules, learning libraries and a growing number of online resources.

JMP and SAS. The best of both.

For students who know their field of study and need to explore or visualize data, JMP is an excellent companion to SAS. A SAS toolbar in JMP provides seamless SAS access. With JMP, students can browse data from a local SAS connection, read and write SAS datasets, remotely submit code to SAS and see the results displayed as JMP interactive graphics.

Why JMP?

  • JMP is easy to learn.
  • JMP is suitable for all courses, from introductory to post-graduate.
  • JMP licensing allows unlimited installations within a licensing group (Chair, Faculty, or Campus).
  • JMP is built for statistical discovery, so students get the most from data, whatever their level of statistical expertise.
  • JMP supports learning with built-in resources like hover help, tutorials, statistical indexes, searchable documentation and sample data with live sample analyses.
  • JMP runs on Windows and Macintosh.
  • JMP can run alone or as a client to SAS.
  • Leading textbooks integrate JMP examples and results.

Pick the JMP software your students need.

  • JMP, the statistical discovery software from SAS and foundation of a range of JMP products, is visual, interactive and extendible, and comes complete with a broad range of analytics.
  • JMP Genomics analyzes and visualizes genomics data, combining the power of JMP with SAS Analytics and customized applications tailored for vast genomic data sets.

Learn More

Your local SAS Academic Team member will help you add JMP Chair, Faculty or Campus licenses to your SAS Educational Analytical Suite (EAS) at discounted prices.

Note: To qualify for Teaching & Research Education rates, the customer must be a Degree-Granting Institution (DGI) and may only be used by users involved in research and teaching activities under the authority of the DGI. Teaching purposes shall be limited to classroom instruction and coursework directly related to DGI’s post-secondary degree requirements, including the formulation of theses and dissertations.

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Interested in JMP for a University Outside the U.S.?

For more information, go to the JMP website for your country. If you don’t see your country on this list, send us an email with the name of your post-secondary educational institution. We’ll put you in touch with the right person at SAS.