Best Practices in Reliability Data Analysis

Probability Plots in Life Distribution

How can you accurately predict the time-to-failure for your components and products? In this presentation, Bill Meeker, PhD, Professor of Statistics at Iowa State University, provides an overview of one of the most widely-used statistical tools for analyzing reliability data: probability plots. Using an example of a fatigue test on an alloy, Dr. Meeker will help you gain a better understanding of:

  • The primary purposes of probability plots.
  • How to assess the adequacy of different probability plotting scales including normal, Weibull and lognormal.
  • How to fit a distribution to the data and extrapolate failure rates into the future using maximum likelihood estimation.
See these techniques in action!

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Probability Plots in Life Distribution in JMP

Hands-on Case Study

Join JMP product manager Leo Wright as he brings Dr. Meeker’s examples to life using JMP software.

In this video, Leo Wright provides a step-by-step demonstration of how to create probability plots and perform life distribution analysis in JMP using the alloy fatigue test example introduced by Dr. Meeker. 

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