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These courses combine lectures, software demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions and hands-on computer workshops for an interactive learning experience. You can sign up for courses at a discount when you register before April 10. Training will be held at Shenzhen University.

Experimental Design and Analysis

Date: Tuesday, April 26 – Thursday, April 28
9:00 - 16:30
Location: Shenzhen University
Instructors: Zhou Wei, JMP China Consulting Manager, SAS, and Chen Jia-Song, JMP China Data Analysis Senior Advisor, SAS
Early Registration Price: 4000 RMB (register by April 10)
Standard Price: 5500 RMB

Who Should Attend: Engineers, technicians, teachers and students in the engineering management field responsible for the planning and implementation of design of experiments (DOE); and others who have just started out and are interested in DOE.

Course Description:
  • Introduction of DOE
    • Differences between DOE and traditional analysis methods
    • Expansion of DOE core technology
    • The terminology and analysis ideas of DOE
  • Applied Statistics as a Foundation of DOE
    • Hypothesis testing and interval estimation
    • ANOVA
    • Establishment and inspection of regression models
  • Descriptive DOE
    • The three basic principles of DOE
    • Full factorial designs
    • 2k factorial designs
  • Screening DOE
    • Partial factorial designs
    • Interpretation of the resolution table
    • Plackett-Burman designs
  • Optimal DOE
    • The basic concept of response surface
    • Construction of the desirability functions
    • Graphics presentation of polynomial models
    • Model simulation and prediction
  • Advanced DOE Introduction
    • Mixture designs
    • Custom designs
    • Augment designs
  • Questions and Discussion

Time-Saving Strategies for Building Robust Predictive Models With JMP® Pro

Date: Thursday, April 28
9:00 - 16:30
Location: Shenzhen University
Instructor: Chris Gotwalt, JMP Director of Statistical Research and Development, SAS
Early Registration Price: 1500 RMB (register by April 10)
Standard Price: 2500 RMB

Course Description:

JMP Pro is often thought of as the JMP product for "advanced modelers." However, when armed with just a little knowledge of some best practices, it is quick and easy for anyone to take advantage of the capabilities in JMP Pro for building accurate and robust predictive models. In this workshop I will demonstrate the use of time-saving methodologies for handling messy data with missing values and outliers that are built into the Neural, Bootstrap Forest, Partial Least Squares and Generalised Regression platforms in JMP Pro 12. The techniques in these platforms streamline the data analysis process by requiring less manual data cleanup by the user while at the same time making more efficient use of the all information available. I will also show how to use cross-validation methods to ensure that the models will retain their accuracy on new data. At the end of the workshop, I will walk the user through the decision-making process to identify which predictive model is the best overall, using the Model Comparison platform.Throughout the presentation I will offer straightforward explanations of how each of the methods is implemented, while giving practical advice about which options generally lead to the best results.

Event Venue
  • Discovery Summit China
  • 18 May 2017
  • JW Marriott Hotel Beijing Central
  • 18 Xuanwumenwai Street
  • Xicheng District
  • Beijing
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