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Additional content to help you grow in your use of JMP

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Getting Started With JMP® on YouTube

An entire section of the JMP YouTube channel devoted to popular “Getting Started” topics.

JMP Learning Library
JMP® Learning Library

Tools to get you started learning JMP, including quick overviews, step-by-step tutorials, and videos. There are lots of resources to use, but you may want to start here:

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On-Demand Webinars

There are many on-demand webinars available, but you may want to try these first:

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Nurture Your JMP® Investment

Interested in more structured learning? SAS Education offers world-class JMP training courses for everyone from novices to experts. Choose the format that fits your learning style and availability. Sign up individually or in groups.

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Visit the JMP® User Community

Connect with the largest online community of JMP users.

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