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Beyond Dashboards: Designing
Dashboards That Users Actually Like

Though books and courses on information dashboard design have been available for years, dashboards often still end up disappointing users and falling short of organizations' expectations. Users often have trouble finding answers to basic data-related questions. They might fail to notice urgent problems because they're hidden behind clicks, not obvious, or possibly not even shown. Because of these and other common design problems, many dashboards still end up under-used or even abandoned. These are solvable problems, however.

This recorded seminar will uncover the real reasons why so many dashboards fail to satisfy users and organizations; reasons that go far deeper than the visual design on which most dashboard books and courses focus. Speaker Nick Desbarats will draw on his extensive experience designing dashboards for more than 50 large organizations to demonstrate how creating a system of purpose-specific displays enables users to quickly get answers to their data-related questions, including basic ones such as, "Is everything O.K. at the moment?" often for the first time.

In this online seminar, you will learn:

  • To identify the 12 fundamentally different types of information displays that are all (unfortunately) called “dashboards.”
  • Why “Swiss army knife” dashboards that attempt to answer a wide variety of data-related questions don’t work, and why single-purpose information displays do a much better job.
  • Selected best practices for designing the most common types of information displays needed by organizations and how to connect them into a system of displays that enables users to quickly and easily find answers to the most common types of data-related questions.

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