Basic Analysis and Plotting

Presenter: Mark Zwald

Importing Data, Verifying Data Integrity, Building Informative Graphs and Creating Graphical Management Reports

See how to:

  • Import multiple data files into one table
  • Verify data integrity
  • Use Distribution to examine data and graphically clean, remove or hide unnecessary data
  • Recode data to current or new column
  • Use Fit Y by X to compare two variables using analyses that test differences among groups or across ranges
  • Broadcast commands across similar output in multiple windows
  • Interactively use Graph Builder to create reports that concisely convey the meaning uncovered during analyses
  • Explore different ways to use Graph builder drop zones and use grouping and wrap to separate analysis on the basis of another variable
  • Overlay plots to show, in same plot, different output by levels of a designated variable
  • Hide and exclude observations from the graph, describes the ribbon bar options and uses the ribbon bar to change and supplement information displayed on the graph
  • Create Interactive HTML reports that show that city housing trends change based on different variables

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