Building Dashboards to Access and Share Updated Analyses

Presenter: Jerry Fish

Getting Started with Dashboard Builder

See how to:

  • Understand the San Francisco crime data used in the case study and preview the dashboard the presenter will create
  • Use templates to combine and arrange windows by dragging (20:46)
    • See open reports listed on Table Panel
    • Use preview mode to examine and edit Dashboard view
    • Run (create) Dashboard
  • Build more complicated Dashboard that uses one report as a data filter (23:34)
  • Combine 3 reports into one Dashboard window, examine drop zones that guide you and use icons to set up Dashboard (25:45)
  • Apply Local Data Filter to new dashboard or to one that has no filters (30:25)
  • Edit titles and add images (32:12)
  • Save Dashboard as Report and as Data Table script (34:10)
  • Save Dashboard as Interactive HTML for non-JMP users (35:15)
  • Publish from dashboard to JMP Public to share with non-JMP users (37:06)

Note: Includes Q&A at times 15:10, 16:38, 17:46, 18:54, 19:07, 27:49, 28:50 and 39:10.


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