Organizing and Getting the Most from JMP® Tables

Presenter: Alisa Hunt-Lowery

Organizing and Getting the Most from JMP Tables

See how to:

  • Create, format and navigate rows and columns from data grid and table panel
  • Use column properties to set data types (numeric, character, row state, expression) and modeling types (continuous, ordinal, nominal, multiple response, unstructured text, vector)
  • Understand the way JMP analyzes data based on data and modeling types
  • Use multiple response character data; hide and/or exclude rows and understand what each means (6:16)
  • Use red triangle hot spots to sequentially disclose analysis and formatting options (8:37)
  • Group table script to organize them in table panel (9:30)
  • Format columns (11:58)
  • Understand the Distribution column exception related to incorrect data or analysis type (14:18)
  • See how JMP graphically links multiple response data on some graphs to show relationship between values (16:21)
  • Use shortcuts to move between graphs and reports (18:06)
  • Save replayable analysis scripts to data table panel (20:18)
  • Add metadata (notes, list check, value labels, value ordering, formula, formula preview results)  to a group of columns (22:40)
  • Recode in place to new column; save recode formula to auto-update column when new observations are added; group similar values to same recoded value; recode to value labels to simplify graphs (28:45)
  • Subset rows from graph to new unlinked data table; use data view to subset rows linked to data table; exclude data from report using local data filter; label individual rows for displaying in all graphs (35:19)

Note: Q&A included at times 10:52, 34:35 and 42:21.


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