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Vic Strecher, Statistically Speaking

Using Data to Find Professional Fulfillment


“Our whole world is becoming increasingly less purposeful, and as a result more depressed, more anxious,” says Vic Strecher, University of Michigan professor and CEO of Kumanu. “And we’re starting to lose direction in our lives.”

Strecher has dedicated his research to helping people find meaning in work and purpose in life. His current project aids this mission.

In this presentation, he describes Kumanu’s collaboration with the Harris Poll and the analytics methods used to answer questions like:

  • Is there really a mental health crisis?
  • Is purpose associated with mental health?
  • Can companies help employees find professional fulfillment?
  • What sorts of people would be interested in using an app to develop their purpose?
Panel Discussion

Change agents from many fields use statistics to solve pressing world issues


In many arenas, people are finding ways to apply analytic methods to some of the world’s most pressing issues – conservation, sustainability, health care, education and social justice, to name a few. With data and a sense of purpose, there’s so much potential to enrich the lives of others, preserve our planet and innovate to meet future challenges we can’t yet fathom.

This panel features analysts from many different fields who are maximizing data and their analytics expertise to make the world a better place. 

You’ll hear from:

  • Timothy Gardner, Founder and CEO, Riffyn
  • Ayana Littlejohn, Senior Associate Analytical Consultant, SAS
  • Anderson Mayfield, Assistant Scientist, NOAA/University of Miami
  • Vic Strecher, Author, Life on Purpose

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