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Decision Making With Data

For information on conducting hypothesis tests, equivalence tests and nonparametric tests in JMP, navigate to the Basic Analysis section within JMP Help (also accessible from the Help menu in JMP).

For more information on statistical intervals, read the white paper Statistical Intervals: Confidence, Prediction and Enclosure.

To learn more about the Student’s t-distribution, William S. Gosset and the Guinness Brewery, read Celebrating statisticians: William Sealy Gosset (a.k.a. Student).

For a rich discussion of statistical intervals, see the book Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners and Researchers (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) 2nd Edition, Meeker, Hahn and Escobar, 2019.

Visit the JMP Online Documentation home page to search for more information on the following topics:

For classroom exercises in hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, refer to the JMP Introductory Lab Activities on the AP Statistics Resources page.

For a complete set of videos and slides on estimation and hypothesis testing, see the Significantly Significant course page.

Decision Making With Data

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