Statistical Thinking Background

Statistical Thinking for Industrial Problem Solving

Course Resources

Exploratory Data Analysis

Data Visualization

Explore the videos and websites below to get valuable insights from thought leaders on data visualization and exploratory data analysis:

  • On-demand webinars from JMP — Learn best practices from a variety of experts.
  • The Functional Art — Alberto Cairo’s blog on visualization, infographics and data journalism.
  • Gapminder — Hans Rosling and others created this site to promote a fact-based worldview through data visualizations that give statistics meaning.
  • Flowingdata — Nathan Yau’s site explores how data scientists and others use analysis and visualization to understand data.

Geographic Maps

Team Communication

  • There are many good resources for effective team communication freely available on the web. Search for “effective team communication” in your browser.

Case Study

  • The complete White Polymer case study, including more details about the exploratory data analysis conducted by the team, can be found here.



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