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Quality and Process Engineering

Evaluate and improve quality, enhance process performance. 

  • Monitor your processes using Shewhart charts in a whole new way with an interactive Control Chart Builder that lets you drag and drop to explore potential root causes of variation.
  • Receive JMP® Live notifications for out-of-control signals from control chart warnings.
  • Study the capability and performance of many variables at the same time to easily identify processes that aren't meeting expectations; drill into problem processes to identify potential root causes.

Quality and Process Engineering With JMP: Highlighted Features

Statistical Process Control (Shewhart Control Chart)

  • IR
  • Xbar R
  • Xbar S
  • P
  • NP
  • C
  • U
  • EWMA
  • UWMS
  • Multivariate control chart
  • Western Electric rules
  • Tests for special causes

Process Capability (Capability Index)

  • Cp
  • Cpk
  • Pp
  • Ppk
  • Specification limits
  • Goal plot
  • Capability
  • Performance 

Quality Assessment (Process Screening)

  • Stability index
  • Quality review
  • Shift detection
  • Process performance

Measurement System Analysis (Gage R&R)

  • Evaluate Measurement Process (EMP)
  • Variability chart
  • Linearity, bias
  • Kappa
  • Agreement
  • Attribute Gage R&R
  • Variance components
  • MSA design

Quality Improvement (Six Sigma)

  • Pareto Chart
  • Cause-and-effect diagram (fishbone, Ishikawa)

Acceptance Sampling

  • OC Curves

The integrated analysis that JMP facilitates is very helpful to the way engineers think – and think critically at a high level.

Xiao Zhenglin
Organizational Excellence Training Manager, STMicroelectronics

The best discoveries start with JMP

JMP data visualization illustration - bubble plot

JMP® Analytic Capabilities

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JMP Analytic Capabilities

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