Real data and real problems drive real learning

Professor David Meintrup uses JMP® to excite students about the value of making data-driven decisions in their statistics courses and when they enter the workforce.

Applied statistics, while commonly used in new industries such as solar energy and controlled industries such as pharmaceuticals, is adopted less frequently by the traditional manufacturing sector. In Germany, Professor David Meintrup is trying to change that. Capitalizing on industry’s strong emphasis on quality approaches, data mining and design of experiments (DOE), Meintrup is using JMP to integrate applied statistics into his curriculum.

Studying statistics is often novel to Meintrup’s students, most of whom are working toward degrees in engineering or the physical sciences. To supplement his lectures, Meintrup offers hands-on classes in computer labs and uses data related to the students’ areas of interest. He uses JMP because it’s visual and easy for non-statisticians to learn and use. Coupling JMP with his hands-on, case study approach to learning, Meintrup arms his students at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences with good statistical skills that he believes will put them in the optimal position for jobs in any industry.

I expect good software to be easy to use and also to offer all the possibilities that you will need in your daily work. I like to use JMP in my classes because it fulfills both requirements and in addition it’s visual and interactive, so in the end fun to use.
David Meintrup

Professor, Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences