Creating Custom Maps to Enhance Your Analyses 

Application Area:
Data Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis

Graph Builder makes it easy to interactively add map images and boundaries to graphs to give visual context to geospatial data. You can also create custom files that map locations, product designs and other forms that contain locations relevant to understanding the quality of your product or process. Learn to create and save custom map files that can be used in your analyses and interactively identify and link to predefined map files relevant to your analyses. See a 30-minute demo and stay on if you want to join 15-30 minutes of Topic Discussion and Q&A.

This session covers: accessing ESRI shapefiles and other map data sets; identifying XY coordinates for polygon vertices to describe the shape; naming polygons; creating saving .shp and dbf files; creating data table columns that identify the individual, analyzable characteristics of your shapes; using map roles; and saving files to the correct location.