Developer Tutorial: Easy DOE – Expertly Guiding Users Through an Experiment

Application Area:
Design of Experiments

This session is for JMP users who understand basic DOE principles and have used JMP.

The JMP 17 Easy DOE platform encompasses all steps for designing and analyzing an experiment in a sequence of tabs, reports and profilers to flow you through an experiment. It is suitable for novices as well as those with JMP and DOE experience.  

Easy DOE may be used in either Guided or Flexible Mode. Guided Mode simplifies the user interface and provides hints to guide decisions at each step. Flexible Mode provides full access to the conventional JMP platforms such as Custom DOE or Definitive Screening Design. All information, the data and meta-data, and the user selections can be saved between JMP sessions as a new type of JMP file.  

One of the lead developers of Easy DOE demonstrates how to use it in both modes and explains why and how the development team implemented the sequence and reports. The session includes time for Q&A.

This JMP Developer Tutorial covers: overview of the steps in an experiment; understanding and managing default values and problem detection and resolution.