Analytically Speaking

Unlocking the Value of Text Analytics

With Seth Grimes

If nearly 80 percent of business-relevant information is in unstructured formats and most of it is text, we need solid tools to extract insight from the data. In this video, Seth Grimes gives his perspective on unlocking the value in unstructured text data. A leading industry analyst and consultant on natural language processing, text analytics and sentiment analysis technology, Grimes talks about the business applications and benefits of these methods, as well as the industries that have successfully capitalized on them.

In this video:
  • Why text analytics is growing at a faster rate than conventional business intelligence.
  • The power of open-ended data collection and conversation mining.
  • Advice for organizations that want to exploit their text data.
  • How innovations in computing and mobile technology are transforming data analysis.
  • Teaching marketing analytics to engineers.