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Data Analysis Software for the Oil and Gas Industry

How JMP® Empowers the Oil and Gas Industry

JMP data analysis software empowers oil and gas leaders around the world to manage everything from optimizing exploration in unconventional wells to improving downhole process efficiencies. With JMP, you can create intelligence from new data sources and deliver information for effective decision making across the enterprise – all without learning to code.

For exploration and production

In the early stages of energy production, it is business-critical to combine and interpret upstream data sources that help quantify project risk and uncertainty. From geophysicists to reservoir engineers, teams must perform necessary quantitative analyses before oil production can begin in earnest.

With JMP, you can:
  • Leverage well logs and seismic data to interpret information and make better production decisions.
  • Drive down deferments and hydrocarbon losses.
  • Extend the life of wells and facilities.
  • Understand the nature of your reservoirs’ properties to optimize hydrocarbon recovery.

For drilling and completions optimization

Drilling and completions engineers are under rising pressure to mitigate costs while also maximizing well performance. Identifying opportunities for improvement – and analyzing the massive data repositories needed to do so – can be a daunting task.

With JMP, you can:
  • Build an analytical drilling strategy to improve efficiency and drive out unnecessary costs.
  • Detect equipment breakdowns and malfunctions to reduce drilling downtime.
  • Improve completions efficiency by delving into the complexity of reservoir parameter variability.
  • Better utilize hydrocarbon production and reduce costs by identifying causes of production delays.

For refining and chemical production

In downstream processes, chemists routinely investigate manufacturing steps to understand the complex factors affecting quality, yield and production costs.

With JMP, you can:
  • More effectively monitor crude oil and gas processes to ensure consistent product quality and identify possible batch failures faster.
  • Define the most cost-effective experimentation plan to optimize product yields.
  • Use advanced modeling and simulation methods to understand the underlying behavior of petrochemical processes.
  • Automate analysis workflows to save time in preparing status and summary reports for project stakeholders.
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Steffen Brammer, Brazca

JMP Capabilities for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Interactive Visual Data Exploration

    Use dynamic visualizations to bring insights to life while enabling engineers to view and drill down for further analysis.

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning

    Tap into advanced machine learning algorithms to understand well performance and behavior under varying conditions.

  • Predictive Modeling

    Improve forecast accuracy through easy-to-perform model comparisons and validations to prevent against overfitted results.

  • Reliability Analysis

    Predict downhole drill bit failures and root cause equipment issues to extend production lifetimes.

  • Data Blending and Cleaning

    Connect to both local and cloud databases while leveraging built-in automated data prep tools to reduce time spent data wrangling and cleaning.

  • Functional Data Explorer

    Maximize the use of streaming data sources by filtering and amplifying subsurface signals to reveal critical insights in fracturing and seismic data.