Günes Pekmezci
Senior Expert for Industrial Internet of Things

Luís Fernando Ferreira
Senior Expert in Industrial Controllers and Robotics

Michael List
Manufacturing Engineer

Despite the development of new network and media technologies, the intense use of bandwidth and data storage could be a limiting factor in industrial applications. When recording sensor signals from multiple machines, a question must always be asked: which meaningful information could be extracted from the data and what should be saved for later analysis? The answer to this question is a method proposed and implemented by the Production Data Engineering Team at Bundesdruckerei GmbH in Berlin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German federal government that produces security documents and digital solutions. This method focuses on pre-processing data directly in the machine controller, strategically reducing the amount of data to send only the meaningful information to the network over OPC/UA, stored in the database, and further analyzed using JMP. A case study is presented, describing the implementation of this method in torque and position data from a servomotor used in a cutting process. The JMP Scripting Language is used to automatically generate reports of the cutting tool wearing, which is also analyzed in combination with the quality data of the product. Those reports allow the Production Engineers to understand the machines better and strategically plan tool changes.