Welcome to Explorers, an international seminar series featuring leading influencers, industry professionals and JMP experts.

Attend a free half-day seminar—in person or online—and you'll have the opportunity to learn from individuals who have mastered the art of analytics. The Explorers series will introduce you to new, leading-edge concepts and reinforce best practices in design of experiments, predictive analytics, quality improvement, Six Sigma and reliability, among others. What more could you need on your path to discovery?

Here's how it works. The series is divided into three types:


During these half-day seminars you'll hear from a key influencer who has helped shape the way we use analytics. The speaker will draw on examples from their own career and accomplishments to provide dynamic insights into their field of expertise. Throughout the day you’ll have many opportunities to network with the speaker as well as with other participants who share a similar interest in analytics.


These seminars are designed to provide an insightful, deep dive into a topic. You'll learn all the latest thinking on design of experiments or data visualization, for example, as well as actionable strategies for getting the most out of your data.


We offer an online live stream of selected guest lecture and analytics guide events so that those who can't attend in person don't miss out.

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