Creating, Using and Sharing JMP® Journals

Presenter: Jeff Upton

Creating and Editing Journals

See how to:

  • Understand the capabilities to launch files, run analyses, present interactive and static graphics, annotate reports, share interactive work with JMP users or static output with non-users
  • Create a new journal (9:58)
    • Add text and outline items, use red triangle to nest items and use selection tool to rearrange items
    • Add file references and buttons, examine button scripts, add pictures to drop zones, resize images and add static and interactive JMP graphs
  • Q&A (21:06)
    • Add and move outline items
    • Hide red triangle and retain functionality
    • Link to non-JMP files
  • Embed static and interactive reports (26:10)
    • Use selection and arrow tools
    • Examine partial interactivity of Journal static reports
    • Use Save Script to Journal to create full interactivity
    • Handle multiple open/live Journals using Lock
  • Edit Journals (29:40)
    • Edit text items, space and center using padding, 4-direction padding and vertical alignment
    • Link to websites
    • Embed data table into Journal
    • Add shapes and annotations
  • Use Journal Text Sledgehammer Add-In to prepare final Journal (36:10)
    • Change colors and fonts
    • Deploy Utilities Journal Packager to organize all files needed to reopen and share Journal
    • Use Window Reference to 
    • Deploy Utilities Unify Paths to clean up file references using Pick a Folder, Enter Manually or Use Local References
  • Q&A (43:51)
    • Choosing Unifying Paths options


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