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Getting Started with JMP

Learn the basics of using JMP at your own pace, when your schedule allows. See how to navigate the JMP menus and data tables, import data into JMP, summarize and graph data, and perform basic statistical analyses. 


You will learn how to:

  • Get data into JMP and manipulate data tables.
  • Easily navigate JMP and quickly start summarizing and graphing data.
  • Interactively format graphs, run new analysis without starting over and display new statistics.
  • Save work as a data table script you can rerun and share.
  • Save graphs and reports in a variety of formats.
  • Use JMP to automatically choose the correct analysis and graphical output for two or more than two variables.

Another resource for learning JMP and JMP Pro is the New User Welcome Kit, which gives you a learning roadmap with activities and videos to follow at your own pace.

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