Complimentary JMP Event

Benelux JMP® Users Group Meeting

09 November 2023 | SAS Institute Netherlands

09:30 - 14:30 CEST

Registration Fee: FREE

Enhance your analytics game in a collaborative environment

We invite you to attend the upcoming meeting of the JMP Users Group. If you’re not currently using JMP, there’s still something for you. This gathering will give you the opportunity to engage in collaborative learning with fellow JMP users and presenters.

Your involvement will contribute to the collective analytics knowledge of all members through cross-industry networking, support and interactive learning.

Agenda *
09:30Registration and Coffee

Welcome and Introductions

Irma Sejdini (JMP)


JMP in Manufacturing at Dow – challenges and examples

Catarina Rizzo (DOW)


Comparative Dissolution Testing
Dissolution (or in vitro release) studies mimic the diffusion of an active molecule from the gastrointestinal tract into systemic distribution. Comparison of dissolution profiles (%released vs. time) play an important role in development and in post marketed changes, justifying a biowaiver. Several metrics have been published over the last 27 years, and the debate on which one to use still continues. JMP started to support these analyses, however, support for latest developments are currently lacking, which will be highlighted here.

Piet Hoogkamer (Abbott)




Gain Better Insights of your Data with FDE
"Do you feel like you are only analyzing a portion of your data rather than all of it? If you had a tool that could analyze your streaming/sensor data for you, how much time would that save you?
Functional Data Explorer makes analyzing shapes quick and easy. It turns large amounts of data into a more manageable form."

Marco Salfi (JMP)


Are all Organizations Data-driven?
Companies that are data-driven, often create an alignment throughout the organization to position data as a strategic asset. Learn how JMP can help.

Edgar Beere (JMP)


Worklflow Builder or the "baby steps" into Scripting
Workflow Builder is a new utility to record your JMP data preparation and analysis workflows. It is a way to capture, build, manage and share your data steps and work without resorting to scripting. Learn how to easily reproduce and recycle an analysis that will save you and your organization precious time.

Brady Brady (JMP)


Resources for Users and Wrap-up 

14:10Networking Coffee

* This agenda is subject to change in content or order without prior notice.

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