Successful companies in chemical, biotech, life-sciences process industries apply statistical methods to accelerate innovation and reduce production cost. Explore this series of industry led papers and events to learn how to discover insights in your data, reduce time to market, uncover and solve blind spots in processes.

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On-Demand Webinar

Synthace: Accelerating Process Development with automated Design of Experiments

Learn how Synthace’s software platform, Antha, empowers scientists to automate Design of Experiments (DoE) for optimising bioprocesses. Webinar by Chemistry World and JMP. 

CHEManager Webinar

German Webinar: Evonik - Verbesserte Profitabilität in der Produktion dank Big Data Analytics

Daten sammeln ist kein Wert an sich. Aber Daten sind der Rohstoff, aus dem mittels Datenanalyse wertvolle und teils neue Erkenntnisse über (chemische) Prozesse gewonnen werden können. Dr. Abele von Evonik zeigt, wie er durch das Zusammenführen von Daten aus verschiedenen Quellen und die Anwendung grafischer und statistischer Analysen Einblicke in eine lange etablierte Produktion gewonnen hat, die zu einer dramatischen Effizienzsteigerung führten.

Technique L'ingenieur webinar

French Webinar: Plan d’expériences et simulations: la combinaison gagnante chez Merck pour un process robuste

C’est l’application de cette démarche dans le cadre d’un cas concret (Etude et optimisation de la robustesse d’une méthode analytique grâce à JMP) qui sera présentée lors de ce Webinar : -Traduction d’une problématique scientifique en plan d’expériences réaliste -Analyse statistique classique d’un plan de robustesse -Utilisation de simulations de Monte Carlo pour un meilleur contrôle des futures performances


Cautionary Tales in Design of Experiments

In this ebook David Salsburg aims to explain statistical design of experiments (DOE), Ronald Fisher’s great innovation, to readers with minimal mathematical knowledge and skills. 

CHEManager International Webinar

Accelerating Drug Commercialization 

Julia O'Neill shows how modern, data-driven experimentation can accelerate the development and supply chain for drugs and immunizations - to make sure that these products get to the patients who need them as quickly as possible. A webinar by JMP and CHEManager International

On-Demand Webinar

Technically Speaking: Optimizing your Process with Design of Experiments

In this webinar case study, a specialty chemicals supplier is struggling to manufacture enough pigment at the required specifications to meet customer demand. Their current process is affecting throughput because of its slow, costly and energy-intensive nature. Find out how they come up with a more efficient process.

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