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Implementing CDISC Using SAS®: An End-to-End Guide, Second Edition

Chapter 10: CDISC Data Review and Analysis

Implementing CDISC Using SAS: An End-to-End Guide

In this chapter, the authors discuss the benefits of evaluating CDISC data with JMP Clinical—a tool specially designed to help users run both routine and advanced safety analyses with ease. You’ll learn how a variety of unique functionalities in JMP Clinical offer a wealth of built-in processes for evaluating patient demographics, constructing patient profiles and event narratives, summarizing adverse events and exploring and reviewing safety data.

The authors also discuss benefits specific to ADaM data, citing examples that demonstrate the dividends that can be expected from adapting to ADaM standards. You’ll learn the process for running an analysis after the ADaM data and metadata have been created. Lastly, the chapter comments on progression free survival, showing how basic data structure for data reviews are transposed.

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