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Delivering Value With a New Generation of Reliability Analysis and Survival Estimation Methods


Bill Meeker and Chris Gotwalt

Reliability and survival estimation analysis are two invaluable strategiesfor estimating time to an event that can help dramatically improve processes across a wide range of industries. In manufacturing, “reliability” analysis refers to an event like part failure. In biological and medical studies, the analysis is called “survival” and refers to an event like the onset of disease or death. In both cases, the goal is to understand the rate of these events over time and often to predict these events under different conditions.

This video explores new trends in the statistical assessment of product reliability. You'll learn techniques to help you reach maximum productivity in your analyses and gain a better understanding of:

  • Life distribution fitting.
  • Competing cause analysis.
  • Accelerated life testing.
  • Recurrence analysis.
  • Degradation studies.

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