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How JMP supports leading industries

Industries with a high product and process innovation rate have complex problems to solve. With JMP, scientists and engineers in these industries can propel their organizations to the forefront of the market with the right data, clear analysis, and quick results.

Featured Industries

  • Biotechnology

  • Clean Energy and Conservation

  • Government

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Medical Devices

  • Medical Statistics

JMP Academic Program

The engine of innovation is the ability to derive valuable insights from data. Used at more than 1,300 colleges and universities by thousands of professors and hundreds of thousands of students, JMP is helping to build the data literacy foundation of the next generation of scientists and engineers, and providing industries around the globe access to early career professionals with skills in data analytics.

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JMP has proven to be ideal for industries with:

  • A strong R&D investment with teams of scientists and engineers focused on innovation to drive profitability.
  • Complex problems that need timely solutions that can be implemented collaboratively across the organization.
  • Rapid development cycles for new products and processes to remain competitive.
  • A need to define new processes and stabilize them once in production.

We do a cost/benefit evaluation on everything from experimentation to process development. We need to be effective and efficient, and JMP allows us to find that sweet spot.

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Paul Deen, Statistical Methods Program Manager

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