A message from John Sall — MAR 19, 2020

JMP is here for you

At JMP we recognize that things are too unsettled right now for all our liking.

What we want you to know is that we are here for you. Here to provide support. Here to provide statistical and JMP learning. Even here to provide the occasional moment of levity. On that you can be certain.

Our first priority is the health and safety of our employees, their families and their communities. For that reason, we have taken several measures including restricting travel, working remotely and suspending in-person events. JMP is working from home and you may be as well.

So, if you find yourself seeking new ways of working and sharpening your statistical skills while dealing with the uncertainty in your business, these resources may be useful:

  1. A global community of JMP experts standing by to answer your questions in community.jmp.com
  2. Live and on-demand webinars from our Mastering JMP series
  3. White papers, book chapters, articles and more in our resource center
  4. Statistical training and education at jmp.com/statisticalthinking
  5. World-class technical support services at jmp.com/support

We have also created JMP On Air, a new communications channel for statistically minded people to grow their data analysis skills from their desks – wherever they are.

In the meantime, make sure we're connected. Opt-in to receive JMP email. And subscribe to the JMP Newswire, which is our bimonthly enewsletter full of tips, tricks and other information curated specifically for JMP users.

As part of a strong community of scientists, engineers and other data explorers, we are well-suited to endure this season of uncertainty.


John Sall
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, SAS