Using JMP® Pro to Build Models Using Generalized Regression Variable Selection Techniques

Presenter: Bill Worley

Fitting, Saving, Comparing and Selecting the Best Predictive Model for Your Circumstances

See how to:

  • Build a response surface model for as many terms as needed
  • Examine Parameter Estimates VIF (Variable Inflation Factor) to identify highly correlated factors
  • Examine Prediction Profiler to identify collinearity
  • Publish prediction formulas to Formula Depot for subsequent model comparison
  • Use validation to avoid model overfitting
  • Determine when and how to use advanced control options, including enforcing effect heredity, forcing terms, and early stopping
  • Use Variable Importance setting to organize Prediction Profiler by the most important factors
  • Build and compare models using Forward Selection (Stepwise), Ridge, Lasso, Double  Lasso, Elastic Net and the adaptive Elastic Net regularization techniques to help identify key explanatory factors

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