Teaching and Learning with JMP Genomics

JMP Genomics provides world-class capabilities for statistics and visualizations for Genetic and all kinds of Omics data.

Contact the JMP Academic Team.

Instructor-Provided Resources

One Page Guides and Short How-To Videos for JMP

The complete set of guides and videos can be found at the JMP Learning Library.

Course Materials from the JMP Education Team at SAS*

  • JMP Software: Data Exploration
  • JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression
  • JMP Software: Classic Design of Experiments
  • JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments
  • JMP Software: Modern Screening Designs
  • JMP Software: Mixture Experiments

*Use of these complementary materials is strictly limited to course use at degree granting academic institutions.  

Complete the Teaching Material Request form to request JMP teaching materials from SAS (scroll down, click on the link to request teaching materials, enter your SAS Profile, then scroll down to see a listing of JMP courses available for download).

Do you want an in-person training course for JMPG?

The JMP Life Sciences Team is considering hosting an in-person training, at the SAS Campus in Cary, NC, on "Using JMP Genomics" in 2018. 

  • JMP Genomics Software: Genetics and Breeding Analyses
  • JMP Genomics Software: Expression Analysis

If you are interested in attending such a training, please contact us to express your interest and suggest topics and timing (for example, "I am interested in transcriptomics, and I generally have availability for travel in May, June, and November.") We will update this site with more details as soon as possible.