Analytically Speaking

Accessible, Intuitive Statistics for Scientists and Engineers

With SAS Co-Founder John Sall

SAS co-founder John Sall created JMP® 30 years ago because he saw a clear need. Scientists and engineers had data, but not the statistics background or coding skills necessary to explore and analyze that data. Inspired by the world of computing and technology in the late ‘80s – particularly the graphical user interface of the Mac – Sall set out to create an easy-to-use, interactive tool that made statistics visual, approachable and dynamic.

In this video:
  • Guiding principles and core values of JMP.
  • Enabling people to follow clues to new discoveries with data visualization.
  • How big data changed the rule of a graph for every test.
  • Advances in analytics and technology that have had the greatest impact on software development.
  • Learning from customer challenges and adapting the software accordingly.