About JMP Live

JMP Live is collaborative analytics software for secure, enterprisewide knowledge sharing

JMP Live gives your experts a platform to contribute their collective voice, positioning your organization to make the most of expert insights and enabling nimble decision-making for critical, time-sensitive demands all from the convenience of a web browser.

With JMP Live, your organization can: 

  • Create a culture of collaboration
    Inspire new ways for individuals to contribute to the strategic direction and operational impact of the organization.
  • Solve problems quickly
    Identify robust, actionable solutions quickly to outperform the competition.
  • Maximize your investment in JMP
    Give your scientists, engineers and data explorers the tools they need to get their latest findings into the right hands at the right time.
  • Ensure reliable decision making
    Connect the variety of data available across the organization for a comprehensive foundation to make solid decisions.
  • Discover new opportunities
    Provide visibility to otherwise hidden data that can reveal new possibilities for innovation.
  • Create a common lanuage for discussion
    Access statistical visualizations that can transcend barriers of language created by increasingly global workforces.