Screening and Controlling Manufacturing Processes 

Presenter: Rob Lievense

Process Stability, Process Screening and Predictive Screening 

See how to:

  • Screen processes for many (1000+) process variables over time to determine process stability
    • Import multiple files and format for process analysis
    • Screen for outliers by quartile range and handle outliers as appropriate
    • Save outlier cleanup script for future use
    • Screen for missing values
    • Use Process Screening Control Chart to examine quality trends
    • Interpret Stability Index to locate less stable subgroups
    • Identify questionable areas and run Indivdual Moving Range Charts to examine and identify possbile cause of variation
  • Determine process capability
    • Interpret 4-quadrant Process Performance Plot to compare and assess capability and stability combinations
    • Drill into Control Charts for variable of interest
  • Screen historical data to find variables most likely to impact your process
  • Use Model-Drivien Multivarate Control Charts to monitor parameters for multiple processes
    • Interactively explore and understand the underlying components that lead to out-of-control signals

Note: Q&A is included at times 25:04, 25:44, 26:44, 27:18, 27:52, 28:06, 28:24, 35:02, 39:41, 40:48, 41:30 and 47:56..

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