Using Formulas to Get the Most from Your Data

Presenters: Ross Metusalem and  Jerry Cooper


Creating Formulas

See how to:

  • Develop familiarity with foundational column formula concepts
    • Expression that dynamically computes values stored in a column, often based on other columns' values
    • Part of Column Properties
    • Specified in Column, not in each cell
  • Understand sequence for creating formulas
    • Standard formulas available: Right click >New Formula
    • Formula Editor (calculator) available for building custom formulas
    • Specify formula in formula box where you can create w/ point-and-click or double-click to type manually
    • Blue highlight shows selection scope
    • Column List shows available columns and red triangle lets you filter
    • Keypad gives common mathematical operations and formula editing actions
    • Function List groups functions by type and is browsable, searchable, customizable
  • ·Envision how you can use column formulas with your data – what formulas can help you do – using Population Data Case Study

Note: Q&A is included at times 24:07, 24:41, 43:06, 43:49, 44:18 and 44:40.

Creating, Storing, Updating and Recomputing Formulas

See how to:

  • Create formulas interactively without using Formula Editor
  • Use the retooled Formula Editor interface introduced in JMP 13, hover help, common numeric and character functions, and interactive formula function filters
  • Use a combination of JSL and Add-Ins to extend JMP formula functionality 
  • Use formulas in a case study of fluid levels measured at one minute intervals where the goal is to automatically determine the vessel state (filling, emptying, or holding) at any given time
  • Use local and table variables in formulas

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