Why interactive data visualization is critical to industry

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Data Visualization: A Few Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way


Alberto Cairo has spent the past 20 years designing data visualizations and teaching others how to do so, as well.

“We are living through a second golden age of data visualization,” says Cairo, Knight Chair of Visual Journalism and the Director of Visualization for Data Science and Computing at University of Miami. “This is thanks, in part, to the appearance of tools such as JMP® that let us access data and explore data and navigate data and extract meaning from the data.”

Cairo shares hard-won lessons learned over the course of his career, including:

  • When to use a visualization instead of a table.
  • Visualization myths we should question.
  • Why your visualization isn’t as intuitive as you may think.
  • The importance of representing your data at multiple levels of granularity.
  • Understanding the purpose of various graphics.
  • The fundamental reason we use visualizations.
Panel Discussion

MARELLI, Coloplast and Bluepharma make data visualization a central tenet of problem solving and innovation 


Savvy organizations use visualizations to understand data and make discoveries. This approach grows the impact of data and results, leads to richer collaboration and speeds strategic decision making across business areas.

This panel features data visualization experts who are accustomed to working in the areas of science, engineering and data science, discussing the impact of interactive visualizations to their work, why more organizations don’t take advantage of graphical techniques, how to manage internal objections and how to get started with data visualization best practices.

You’ll hear from:

  • Alberto Cairo, Knight Chair in Visual Journalism and Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Media Management, University of Miami
  • Branca Almeida Silva, Formulation Development Coordinator - Differentiated Technologies, Bluepharma
  • György Trefán, Process Developer, Coloplast
  • Simone Cianchini, WW Innovation and Improvements Quality Manager, Electronics Business Unit, MARELLI

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