This is Tom

On June 19, 2014, Tom was left in the rain in a carrier outside an AHS center. Although the carrier was covered with a towel, the dog was soaked. He was covered in urine and feces and his fur was so matted that dreadlocks had formed. These pulled on his skin, making his every movement painful.

The next day, the AHS care team anesthetized Tom and, during surgery, shaved his mats. A vet examined his mouth and found that the few teeth he had were loose and covered in tarter. Only one could be saved.

As he recovered, Tom remained anxious and unpredictable even though he was housed with a friendly, small dog. As a test, the dogs were separated and that’s when folks at AHS met “the real Tom.” On his own, he became braver, playful, and, some even said, “exuberant.” He was friendly, running in the yard, playing with his toys. He was like a completely different dog.

On June 28, Tom moved to the adoption floor and, five days later, found a home. He had been with AHS barely two weeks.

This is the work AHS does.

This is the difference it can make.

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