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Generalized Linear Mixed Models in JMP: GLLM Add-In

Wednesday, Jan. 27
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

This webinar covers how to use Generalized Linear Mixed Models in JMP. These models are commonly needed by researchers, practitioners, professors, and students in the life sciences and related fields. Examples will cover mixed models with binary data, with two distinct values such as [0,1], [Yes,No], or [True,False]; with binomial data, the number of successes x out of n trials; and with count data, with integer values 0,1,2,….

  • Who should attend?  
    This webinar is geared toward faculty, researchers, and students wanting to learn more about using GLMMs.

  • What can I expect to get out of the webinar?  
    You will learn how to analyze and interpret the result from a GLMM in JMP.

  • How much JMP experience should I have?  
    No prior experience in JMP is necessary, but we recommend watching the three short Getting Started for Academics webinars on demand if you would like to get more familiar with JMP software.

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Date: Wednesday, Jan. 27
Time: 2 PM ET (11 AM PT)

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