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Analytically Speaking Featuring Bart Baesens

Bart Baesens

Bart Baesens, PhD, discusses some of his extensive research in predictive analytics, data mining and customer relationship management – and the importance of these topics to any organization. As both a consultant and an assistant professor in the Research Center for Management Informatics at University of Leuven in Belgium, Baesens is uniquely suited to lead a conversation on the intersection of predictive analytics theory and its application to real business problems. Baesens is also the author or co-author of numerous research papers and the book Credit Risk Management: Basic Concepts.

On the table for discussion:
  • The qualities of a successful data analyst.
  • Using visualization to understand concepts – and also results – in data.
  • Migrating analysts from spreadsheets to better analysis and visualization tools.
  • The importance of value survival analysis.
  • Scaling analytics efforts.

This webcast is appropriate for academics and business people who are interested in using interactive and visual data mining techniques to solve difficult problems and make statistical discoveries.

Expertise: predictive analytics, data mining, customer relationship management, Web analytics, fraud detection, credit risk management

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